An Articulate Argument

JennAir Staff
Sep 6, 2017

Email undercounter articulating hinge

At first glance, a soft-close door may appeal to customers who want a solution for the distinctive slam of an oven door or the rattle of bottles inside their under counter wine cellar. But a closer inspection shows what this luxury detail truly allows … a flush installation.

A soft-close door enables the truly flush appliances that are desirable to many customers who find a contemporary style appealing. This look is defined as having integrated appliances that include a truly flush installation in addition to custom panels that match existing cabinets

Rather than having hinges that protrude from the exterior, select Jenn-Air appliances have an articulating hinge design. Not only does this hinge silently pull the door closed to prevent it from accidentally being left ajar, but the hinge's scissor-like mechanism remains within the confines of adjacent cabinetry by opening, rotating and contracting around multiple pivot points.

The soft-close feature can also reassure customers who desire an under counter wine cellar because it is an additional way to reduce vibration that can be perceived to affect the aroma and flavor of wine.

And select Jenn-Air wall ovens and ranges feature soft, auto-close technology on their drop-down oven doors. This feature quietly and securely pulls the door closed, which is helpful when customers are shutting the door while their hands are full and are removing food from the oven.

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